Please Help: This Lady Is Searching For This Guy Who Got Her Pregnant And Ran Away (Photos)

Nigerian facebook user and social media enthusiast Malachy Evalistis took to his facebook account to post about a lady who had a one night stand with a stranger And now she’s pregnant, and she’s searching for the guy to come take responsibility.
From a YBL Reader; — Malachy Evalistus

Young Lady is searching for a guy who got her pregnant.
This young pretty, Diamond Accosted lady Xolisa Thandeka Moloi in my list just ran up to me to help her reach out to a guy named #Uba (picture above)
She alleged that she met the young man while she was on vacation in Australia, they became friends and had so much fun together before the guy disappeared.
She never knew she was pregnant for him not until a few weeks ago. If you are the one kindly reach Out to me (Malachy Evalistus) or the lady via inbox. (Bia kowaaram ka osiri wereme. And posses ur possession)
Please this is not a joke.. the young lady is depressed and threatening to take her life.

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